Rat Genesis
For the love of rats - it's in the genes!
Hobby rat fancier since 1989, with several life-breaks along the way...  
San Francisco native.  I first fell in love with the critters in 1986, after
literally being bitten by the love bug for them.  As in, it only took one nip,
for me to get hooked.  Nowadays, I enjoy the breeding and the
never-ending learning that these lil ones inspire.  I hope to always share
the companionship of these accepting souls.

It is not so easy, for me to admit one variety is favored over another.  I
have always loved marked.  At this time, I lean towards varieties such as
downunder, whiteside, roan, Essex, blazed, English Irish, black-eyed
white, capped, variegated, hooded, bareback.  Fair confession: I love 'em

For colors, I have always leaned towards the 'browns' and the eye
dilutions.  I love pearls and silvers.  The Aussie colors are all wonderful,
to me.  Thanks to the Burmese and black-eyed gene, only now have I
taken interest in varieties such as Siamese.

Thank you, for stopping by!
Litter 2008-3
Litter 2008-4
Litter 2008-5
07/12/2009 Note:

I have babies available - for pet-placements.  Mostly agoutis and blacks
- with or without tummy spots.  A few roans and recessive blazed.  A few
dumbos.  Location: San Francisco Bay Area.  I will be travelling down
into Southern California - the weekend of 07/18/2009 - and can drop off
along the way.

If interested - please contact ratgenes@yahoo.com, and please include
"BABY RATS" in the subject line.  Thanks for your interest!